Fairy Garden

Have you ever made a fairy garden? 

I have always wanted to make one, but let’s be honest, I kill anything green! Which is sad, because I love flowers and plants and I’ve keep dreaming of making a vegetable garden one day.  But I’m hesitant because I kill all plants! 

So naturally, I’ve steered clear of these cute little things called fairy gardens.  

But then, I was presented with the opportunity to try out these cute, themed succulent fairy gardens from Party’n With Plants.  The pictures of previously made ones were adorable!

But could I really make one that looked like THAT? 

And more importantly, could I really keep it alive?

I decided to give it a try!

And…you guys! This was soooo much fun!

AND….so far…it’s STILL alive!!!

Party’n With Plants is amazing! They sent me everything I needed to make this happen…even the soil!

So we received this charming little box on a Friday night.  Mind you like an hour before my husband and I had a date night. 

I went ahead and opened the box to show the kids what we would be doing.  And because I knew there was a plant inside, I wanted to see if there were any special instructions before we put it together.  

The kids were begging me to do it right then and there.  Ugh…I am such a procrastinator.

But they won! I’m mean, how could they not after seeing all the neat little decorations?  

We took everything outside and we looked through all the dainty little accessories and I told the kids to come up with a plan on what they wanted it to look like.

Surprisingly, all three of them agreed rather quickly on what and where each item would go!

They each took turns putting the soil, plant, sand, moss and accessories in.  

They were so excited with each item going in its place just as they had planned.  

This was such a fun time even for me just watching them! 

We’ve been dealing with a lot of sibling rivalry lately and I was sure this wasn’t going to help since there was only one garden and three of them. But they worked together and got along! And as a parent it was such a joy to watch them together!

And the joy on their faces as they did it on their own was such a blessing! They were so proud of their creation! They have shown EVERYONE that has come to our house since!

And check out their fairy garden! Isn’t it adorable? 

If you’re wanting to make one of these too without all the prep work, Party’n With Plants is definitely the way to go!  

Shipping was super fast, everything you need is there, and the price point is perfect!

She has dinosaurs, fairies, unicorns and mermaids to choose from!  Perfect for anyone and everyone! 

These gardens would be great for Christmas or birthday gifts! And would even be fun to do as a party craft and/or favor! 

Or to just enjoy some family bonding time together like we did! 

And right now, there’s a holiday sale going on! So head on over to Party’n With Plants now!

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